The 10th of november:

On friday the 10th of november, the annual cycling dinner will take place. As a new member, this is a great opportunity to get to know other members. Of course, for al the others, it will be a fun night ofr sure!
The cycling dinner works like this: Each member will be linked to a cooking partner. You and your cooking partner will take care of either the appetizer, the main course, or the dessert. The dishes will be eaten together with two other couples*. The intention is that you cycle to each others places, where you’ll eat one of the dishes. Each round (starter, main or dessert) you’re surrounded with other members, but you will be together with your cooking partner the whole evening. Approximately one week in advance, you will hear who your cooking partner is and what dish you have to prepare. One of you will then also receive the money to buy groceries for the meal.
You can sign up by filling in your personal data via this link: We also ask you to transfer €10,-** to NL88RABO0140870504 in the name of TSDV DanceNation. Make sure to mention your name. Please note: your registration is complete once you have transfered the money!
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We are busy with planning a lot of activities for the upcoming months.

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