The hip hop demoteam of TSDV DanceNation is having the name Uni-T. This is a sequence of the words University and Tilburg, together this represents what the team is: a Unity.
Under the directions of Jeroen Meijer this team is working on choreography’s, musicality and different dance styles within the hip hop genre. They are doing this every Monday (8:30 – 10:00 PM) and Friday (5:00 – 6:30 PM).
All of this is taking place in the dancehall from the sportcentre of Tilburg University and the ballet room of the Esplanade building. Of course they are training hard with a goal.

Uni-T is a competition team and is taking part on different national competitions. Besides that the team can be hired for shows and performances. The team also is having a lot of experience in performing. Although Uni-T is only having ladies in the team (except for trainer Jeroen), guys are more than welcome! Are you interested in a sport in this hardworking, but also convivial team?

Every year around the beginning of the new school year there are auditions for old and potential new members. Sometimes there will be another audition in between the year, so keep an eye on the website and Facebook-page.