GoGo dancers

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You will see GoGo dancers everywhere: in clubs, on festivals and on events.
Our GoGo dancers are a great addition at every party or theme!
We are having a diversity of outfits at our disposal en we like to think about the theme with you, to help create the best atmosphere.

You can frequently spot our experienced and professional dancers at cafe Philip, on party’s and as entertainment.
Our GoGo dancers are also performing at businessparty’s, a premiere, school/prom party’s and (profession)fairs.
Not at least you can also book our dancers as Promo Girls, so you can show every product at the right way.
Because of our experience, TSDV DanceNation can work with every kind of theme.

Curious how we can place our dancers at your party or opening?
You can send us a mail for more information (without any obligations).