DanceNation is looking for new committee members!

Bestuur 2017/2018

Dear members,

The new dance year has begun and DanceNation starts fresh! To make this a great year, the Candidate Board is looking for new committee members. We would like to know who is interested in being an active member of DanceNation and take part in one of our committees. Below you will find an overview of the committees that will be established this year.

Treasurer committee

The treasurer committee consists of at least 2 people who regularly check the accountancy. During these checks, the members confirm the state of the bank balance, the completeness of the receipts, the realization of the past year and the budget of the current year. The treasurer and the members of the committee meet twice to thrice a year to complete these checks. The documents that are of use to the checks will be shared at least one week before a meeting. There is enough time for them to see into these documents. Are you interested and do you want to become an active member of DanceNation? Send an e-mail to

Activities committee

For the Activities committee we are looking for people who like to help us with organizing some great activities for members and other dance lovers. At least once a month we will meet up to brainstorm about exciting workshops and activities. We are not only a thinktank, we will also be the organisers of the activities and together with the PR committee we will get our members excited for these events. Are you creative, do you like undertaking action and do you want to make this the best year in DanceNation history? If you are interested, apply by sending an e-mail to

PR committee

The PR committee is looking for people who want to make sure that DanceNation looks good on our website, promotional material and social media. We want the outside world to know how great our association actually is. Our operations will consist mostly of promotion. The PR committee designs and creates promotional material, for example photos, videos, flyers or the designing of merchandise. We also get the word out for activities, workshops and the big showcase. Do you have any ideas to improve our social media, website or image? Are you handy with making and editing videos, flyers and websites? Then join the PR committee! Besides of the fun and involvement in DanceNation, it also looks nice on your CV. If you’re interested send an e-mail to

Entertainment committee

TSDV DanceNation is occasionally booked for nice events, where we have to provide dancers and entertainment. We think it is important to get your input on this, so we are looking for committee members! When you are on this committee, you will meet at least once a month to discuss matters concerning the entertainment team Divini-T, you will create portfolios for the dancers, and you will try to arrange bookings and nice costumes. Are you interested in joining this committee? Send an e-mail to

Showcase committee 

We are looking for members who want to actively engage in one of the most exciting and important activities of the year: the big showcase! This way we can make the showcase the best it can be. Once the preparations for the showcase start, the committee will meet up at least once a month to make sure everything runs smoothly. Some activities that you might have to do are booking the theatre, fixing photographers and making a script. Have you been curious about what happens behind the curtains, what happens in preparation for the showcase and do you like to organize? Then do not hesitate to apply by sending an e-mail to

Dancegroup representative committee  (DVC)

Do you have excellent communication skills and do you want to be an active member in DanceNation and improve our classes? Sign up for DVC! The members of this committee become representatives for their classes and are the contactperson for the regular members. For every class, a representative will be assigned. You will be the contact for that particular class. Things that perceive you and the dancers of the lesson, such as dissatisfaction with the quality of music in the class or the times at which classes are held do not suit the members of that class, you will pass on to the Chairman. You, in collaboration with the dance teacher, will also be responsible for your group during the big showcase. This means, for example, that you will make sure that everyone has the right clothes during the show. To summarize problems, tips, compliments and other suggestion, you are the go to person. The Chairman will take what you say in account and will act on that to get the best out of our dance classes. Interested? Make sure to apply by sending an e-mail to

Promotion team

New this year: the promotion team! We are looking for enthusiastic DanceNation member who want to make themselves available for promotional activities, for example the TOP week, handing out flyars at the Tilburg University campus and other promotional activities. The PR committee works on the design of promotional material and the task of the promotion team is to carry this out. The promotion team is kind of an informal committee: when you sign up for this team, you will be asked for your participation at promotional activities this year. If your are not available to attend a promotional activity, then you can indicate this. Would you like to be one of the association’s ‘ambassadors’, share your passion for dance with future members and at the same time not to be bound by obligations? Then the promotion team is a good match! If you are interested, apply by sending an e-mail to

Regarding all committees: we would like our active members to be present at the activities and parties during the TOP week as much as possible.

Do you still have questions regarding a committee? Please, do not hesitate and e-mail them to the e-mail address stated at the description of that specific committee. Are you sure you would like to take part in one of the committees? Then apply by sending an e-mail with a short motivation to the address stated at the description. You can apply for a function in the committees during the whole year. However, we would like to ask you to apply before Friday September 22nd 23:59h, so that we will be able to introduce some committee members during the General Member Meeting on Tuesday September 26th!

We look forward to your applications!

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