TSDV DanceNation has done great in the Student Championship!

The members of TSDV DanceNation did a great job of representing their association at the NSK 2017! The results don’t lie.

Shots fired finished first in the category of Jazz, meanwhile Blown Away managed to earn the titel of the best in the category Modern and Girls on fire also claimed the title of the best, but in the category Entertainment!

Our hip hop demo group, Uni-T, took the second place in the category Hip Hop Demo. Unnerve finished third in the category Hip Hop (the regular teams version), 90 degrees earned the fourth place in the same category. D-modern, the modern demo group, finished fourth as well, but in the category Modern, Reborn claimed the fifth place in the same category.

At the end of the day, there is really no reason to complain, since our members came to the NSK and conquered. Keep on moving in the same direction! The future isn’t set, but next year we might claim all titles!!

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