Tilburg University
Tilburg University sponsors us and the sportscentre where we are able to follow danceclasses and book the dancehall. To be able to attend dance classes you will have to have a sports-card. For more information go to: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/nl/campus/sports-center/sportabonnement/
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Café Philip
Our sponsor Cafe Philip, at the ‘Korte Heuvel’ (one of the cosiest streets of Tilburg), offers you everything you could wish for on the ultimate night out! The very best dj’s, An amazing lightshow, the best beats and awesome party people in front of, behind and on top of the bar! Cafe Philip is open on tuesdays, thursdays, fridays and saturdays from 10pm till 4am and of course during the holidays and for (exclusive) drinks and parties. For more information go to: http://www.cafephilip.nl/

Nieman Sports
Want to start training at home? You’ll probably have many questions about what exercise machines to use, where to get them and how to train most effectively. NiemanSports specialises in advice for training at home and at your business. For more information go to: http://www.niemansports.nl/

Denis Oei – Isle of Perspective
Denis Oei makes amazing films and photographs. for more information go to: www.denisoei.com

The Federation of Students Sports Tilburg (FOSST), as an independant organisation, represents all students with a sportscard in Tilburg. TSDV DanceNation as one of the Student Sport Associations of Tilburg has a very close connection to FOSST. For more information go to: http://fosst.nl/en/

Federation Of Student Sports Tilburg (FOSST) is the organisation for all studentsports in Tilburg. The board pursues three main point during their daily work:

Represent interests
FOSST’s main goal is to represent the interests of all sporting students in Tilburg. In doing so the sports council is the contactpoint for all 21 studentsportsassociations and for all the individual sporting students. Around 6500 students have a Tilburg University Sportscard and make use of the faciliations and sports provided. For FOSST it is very important to make sure the student is central and is heard to provide there needs in studentsports.

Lots of internal and external relationships are important for studentsports. This is why FOSST represents the student sportsassociations in meetings with student associations of Tilburg University. The Sport council also collaborates with the management and employees of the Sports Center to make sure the quality of student sports is as high as it can be. Besides this, FOSST also represents studentsports of Tilburg on national level. This happens for example during meetings with different Univeristy cities and the main studentsports Nederland organisation.

Support, Stimulation and promotion
For national studentsportsevents such as the Batavierenrace, StudentenWintersport and the Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap FOSST organises the Tilburg delegation. Besides national events FOSST also organizes own events to stimulate studentsports as much as possible. Examples are several clinics, Futsal competition, Battle of the Students, or het Carnavalvolleybaltoernooi. Studentssports associations are involved in organizing these events to promote the associations. One of the goals of FOSST is to support studentsports associations on organizational level and partly on financial level, to make sure the quality of studentsports is as high as it can be. To promote studentsports associations FOSST has contact with Tilburg University, Fontys & Avans Hogescholen and Gemeente Tilburg.

Do you want more information about FOSST, go to: www.fosst.nl/en