Workshops / Warming-up

Warming-up Hart van Brabantloop
Warming-up Hart van Brabantloop

When you want to have a dance workshop from TSDV DanceNation you can pick out of a huge repertoire of dance styles.
You can think about a workshop African dance, Salsa, HipHop or a workshop Poledancing. Every workshop will start with a warming-up and after that they will learn the basics about the dance style. Depending on your wish and the level, there will also be a choreography to learn.

Most of the time a dance workshop will take one to one and a half hour. In this period of time, we will make sure you won’t be bored! TSDV DanceNation is giving workshops for all ages and levels. The workshop will be prepared and giving the way you want to.

Curious what kind of workshops we can give for your group of friends, business or bachelor party?
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