DanceNation collaborates with Sports Center Tilburg on organizing daily dance classes such as hip hop, jazz, and ballet. We call this our ‘regular’ program.


For this, you need a Sports Center membership which will also give you access to their gym, group classes, the ice-skating ring, etc.

Do you want to test out the waters first? Create your Sports Account and receive two free try-out sessions! Make your reservations in the Sports Center app, enter the building with your fingerprint and enjoy your time.​


Besides that, a subscription to student dance association TSDV DanceNation has a lot to offer! We organize monthly professional dance workshops, fun activities, and events, such as a cocktail workshop, members’ weekend, and a big showcase at the end of the year. A fun way to get even more out of your student time!

Why you need a DanceNation membership

Sports Center




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